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Watson Ford Associates, LLC is an Architecture & Interiors firm providing smart design through innovation, sustainability, and advanced building practices to produce quality and distinctive solutions for Residential, Commercial, and Restaurant work. Formed in 1990 in Maryland, USA, the firm continues to serve the Baltimore/ Washington DC/ Northern Virginia metropolitan area, with a diverse portfolio of projects which extends from northern New Jersey to central Colorado.

Artful design is a collaborative endeavor.  The integration of architectural, engineering, interior, and construction provisions from the onset produces organized and beautiful results. 

Consideration of the overall environment and spatial relationships is essential.  We craft the proper combination of these elements to yield jobs completed on time, within budget, while producing distinctive and successful design solutions.

Our designs embrace both traditional and modern sensibilities.  We act with integrity, balanced with high professional standards and attention to detail, while creating unique and harmonious environments.  Our team is supported by a strong group of consultants who contribute, as needed, to the development of a project. 

Watson Ford Associates, LLC  offers a very  broad base of talent and resources, while providing intimate and personalized attention.  Focused and committed to a job well done, WFA continues to provide innovative and quality design for home and work life.


Watson Ford Associates, LLC
Architecture & Interiors
Baltimore, MD 21212
phone      410.377.2917  
fax            410.377.2918

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